Media Affects Theory

What is it?

‘Media Affects Theory’ relates to the idea of how media affects society and how society can affect the media. One of the many negative aspects about this theory is that there tend to be a lot of ‘copy cat murders’. This refers to people replicating the violence that they see in media, such as in videogames or movies, and copying the behaviour. This can put people’s lives at risk.  This happens due to the public being easily influenced by what they read and watch online. There are hundreds of thousands of articles that comment on the fact that  people are causing damage to peoples lives, due to the changing attitudes that come with their individual beliefs changing, due to mass media. One example of this is from the Daily  Mail, which states that;

‘The two US 12-year-olds obsessed with online ghost stories ‘who lured classmate into woods and stabbed her 19 times’ to prove ‘Slender Man’ myth was real’.

Slender man is a supernatural character that gained fame through a YouTube independent film series. Then, he was eventually given his own horror video game, which was critically acclaimed worldwide and given several sequels. It was due to this that he attracted such a cult following and a wider range of audiences differing by age. Unfortunately, this also includes young children, some of whom are more easily influenced than others. By reading this headline, it is clear proof that children in particular are affected by this the most. They are going through the stages of metal and physical growth, and whenever they hear or read something, they tend to take it in like a sponge, either remembering this for a short or long term basis. Similarly, teenagers are also easily influenced by everything they surround themselves with. Particular aspects of media can have a huge impact and easily influence behaviour on particular individuals. Some people feel that the children’s parents are in control of what kind of media their children can see. They can easily take bad behaviour from many areas such as video games and television programmes which lead them to over thinking ideas and eventually results in stress and many other symptoms like violence and anxiety from a very young age.





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